It is not available for purchase yet. We expect to launch sales in Poland in 2023. Sales in EU will be announced later.

10 metres of Wind Panel fence will have a maximum power output of 2.1 kW. On a ground level, estimated energy production from such installation is 1800-2000 kWh/year, if good conditions for wind flow are provided.

A maximum power can be achieved at a wind speed nearing 9 metres per second. Electricity generation starts at a wind speed 1 metre per second, and does not increase noticeably at a wind speeds above 9 metres per second – this is happening on purpose, as Wind Panels are optimized to harvest energy efficiently from low wind speeds.

A typical Wind Panel will have dimensions of 2 metres height, 0.2 metres depth, and length adjusted to client’s needs.

Yes. Wind Panel system is designed to work with the same connectors and inverters as photovoltaics, and both can deliver electric energy to your grid simultaneously.

In a future product iterations, we plan to push hybrid cooperation with photovoltaics to a next level by introducing a low cost off-grid storage, which will make possible to store excess energy from peak PV production within wind turbines. This product feature may be not that far away, as our recent off-grid storage tests came out positive.

Unfortunately preorder of a prototype for testing will be available only for a selected group of early investors.

Low speed wind in a range 1-10 metres per second is abundant, but on industrial scale it remains mostly untapped. This is not happening wihout a reason, as energy density in low speed wind is almost negligible. To harvest it in an economical way, by a definition you need to engage a large surface area at a small cost, and from our experience, it is still not enough without advanced engineering and making an advantage from a complex physical effects. This became a stumbling block for many projects preceding ours. We anticipate that the first company to achieve a wind turbine profitability from low wind speed will be able to satisfy a variety of a completely new market niches.

Wind Panel pricing will be similar to photovoltaic panels if we compare yearly production. That means every penny invested in either photovoltaic panels or Vind Panel will produce on average a similar amount of kWh per year, so ROI will be also similar. By shaping pricing policy in a such way, we want to eliminate a buyer’s dilemma of which product has a better performance – you will consider only a product or combination of products which works better in your target environment.

It is always lower than ambient noise due to small wind turbine diameter and capped maximum rotations per minute.

Yes. You can easily stop rotors with a bare hand and without any harm. As for animals and birds in particular, they are gently deflected to either left or right, without being sucked in between rotors.

At the moment all roles within the startup are fulfilled or outsorced.